Dogs With Kraut & Apples

Serves 4


4 hot dogs

1 cup apple juice

2 cups sauerkraut

1 large unpeeled Red Delicious apple, cored

4 whole wheat hamburger buns


Slit hot dogs 4 to 5 times on the diagonal, cutting about half of the way through. Bring juice to simmer in large skillet; add hot dogs. Cook until dogs curl, about 5 minutes; remove hot dogs.

Bring apple juice back to simmer; add sauerkraut and heat until juice is absorbed. Meanwhile, cut four medium horizontal slices from center of apple and set aside. Grate remaining apple pieces into heated sauerkraut; stir to blend. Set hot dogs on top of kraut mixture to stay warm.

Place one apple slice on bottom of hamburger buns. Set hot dogs on apple slices and top with apple/kraut mixture.

For grown up kids: replace juice with beer and substitute chopped pickled peppers for apples.

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