Food Safety in the Pickled Vegetable Industry

The pickling industry is proud of its excellent food safety record and is committed to assuring that consumers enjoy safe and delicious pickled products. The ingredients used in pickled vegetables are the same ingredients that have been used safely in the pickling process for thousands of years.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates all pickled vegetable products sold in the United States and assures their safety. Our industry has effective quality control measures throughout each of the produce handling steps between growing and manufacturing, such as multiple cleaning and pasteurization processes to ensure safe and delicious products.

Good Agricultural Practices

Pickle Packers International, Inc. (PPI) takes the issue of food safety very seriously and funds ongoing research in food processing and agricultural practices. As consumer interest in food safety also increases, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and audit programs are becoming more widely used. While the pickling process already provides higher levels of food safety, more and more pickle and pepper growers are being asked by customers to follow GAP standards and become GAP certified.

PPI has taken a proactive approach toward establishing a model GAP food safety program that applies specifically to processed pickles and peppers, recognizing the food safety steps inherent in the pickling process. This program is designed to ease grower compliance and helps maintain their competitiveness in marketplace.