Learn about the state of the pickled vegetable industry. Ilovepickles.org provides background, statistics and in-depth analysis on the North American and Asian markets. This resource is intended to be used as a guide for navigating the constantly shifting landscape.

Contents for North America include chapters about the following:

  • Pickle Supply Chain Components
  • Product Categories and Pickle History
  • Production Volumes and Trends
  • Agricultural and Economic Trends
  • Demographic and Consumer Trends
  • Pickle and Food Consumption Trends
  • Product Innovation and Food Trends
  • Strategic Challenges and Opportunities

Contents for Asia include chapters about the following:

  • Chinese Market and Trends
  • Indian Market and Trends
  • Korean Trends and Market
  • Trade Policies and Organizations
  • Import-Export Trends

PPI also provides useful links to outside resources on consumers and food, farms and agriculture, government and universities, and social information.

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