No menu would be complete without all-American hot dogs and hamburgers. But, of course, the trick is giving these favorite foods a mark of distinction while keeping costs under control. Take a cue from Peter Piper and pick from a peck of pickles and pickled peppers to make terrific value-added meals!

Pickles from sweet to dill and pickled peppers from mild to hot are excellent foils for beef, chicken and turkey burgers and make tasty companions for frankfurters. Whether used as a unique topping, blended into the meat or served simply on the side, pickles and pickled peppers make hamburgers and hot dogs much less ho-hum for practically pennies.


  • Spice up the menu with a Southwestern Burger. Top a ground beef patty with tangy salsa, fiery pickled jalapeno rings and jack cheese.
  • Don't count out the calorie-counters. Offer Skinny Burgers, ground chicken or turkey burgers served without the bun on a bed of fresh, mixed greens. Top with sauteed mushrooms, onions and pungent pickled peppers and serve with a scoop of cottage cheese.
  • Give burgers a Mid-Eastern flair! Mix ground beef with dill pickle liquid; shape into patties and brown. For dressing, combine chopped dill pickles, plain yogurt and sesame seeds. Serve in a pita with lettuce and tomato slices.
  • The makings for a real Show-Stopping Burger are in the mix! Sauté onion, remove from heat and stir in mild pickled peppers, mushrooms and a dash of salt. Stir half the mixture into the ground beef before cooking and use the remaining portion for topping the browned burgers.
  • Customers will be clamoring for your sizzling Pizza Burgers topped with tomato sauce, hot pickled pepper rings and grated mozzarella cheese.

Hot Dogs

  • Hot dogs are a favorite of the young and young-at-heart. For an eye-catching presentation, cut 10 deep slits in each frank, without cutting the whole way through. Broil, and the frank will curl into a Round Dog. Serve on an onion roll with pickle relish piled in the center.
  • The Southwestern theme isn't limited to burgers-use spicy salsa, pickled pepper rings and jack cheese on a juicy South-of-the-Border Dog.
  • Try another pickled favorite on a frank-piccalilli! The mixed pickled vegetables will add a zingy taste and crunchy texture that make for an uncommon Pickled Dog.
  • Try a Dill-iscious Dog! Slit a hot dog lengthwise and insert a dill pickle spear, a slice of cooked bacon, and a piece of American cheese and broil. Serve on a hot dog roll.