Rediscover Versatile Sauerkraut - Tantalizing New Dimensions For Favorite Foods
  • Sauerkraut turns an ordinary hamburger into a Reuben Burger. Top a grilled beef or turkey burger with a mound of sauerkraut, a slice of Swiss cheese and a dollop of Russian dressing.


  • Savory Sauerkraut Stuffing can be used to stuff pork chops, goose, turkey or chicken, or it can be baked separately and served as an accompaniment. Add a cup of drained kraut to each of two cups of stuffing mix. Toss with diced celery, onions and chopped walnuts. Moisten with butter and chicken broth per package directions.


  • Top a baked potato with a mixture of sautéed onion, sauerkraut, tomato sauce, pickled hot pepper rings and crumbled real or soy-based bacon. If desired, sprinkle with grated Cheddar cheese.


  • Serve Reuben Baked Potatoes. Toss rinsed, drained sauerkraut with strips of lean corned beef. Moisten with a bit of low-fat Russian dressing. Spoon into split cooked potato. Top with low-fat Swiss cheese and heat in broiler or microwave until cheese is melted.


  • Sprinkle tangy sauerkraut over top of a tomato and sausage or pepperoni pizza. Kraut and Canadian bacon pizzas also are a favorite!


  • Substitute sauerkraut for shredded lettuce when making tacos or subs.


  • Sauerkraut is the nations' second favorite hot dog topping, surpassed only by mustard. For a gourmet topping, sauté chopped onion, sauerkraut, sweet pickle relish and chopped pickled hot cherry peppers. Slit frankfurters on one edge at half-inch intervals and grill until they curl into "round dogs." Place on round bun and pile on gourmet topping.