FTC Takes Action Against “All Natural” And “100% Natural” Claims

In several recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC or Commission) enforcement proceedings, the Commission has charged companies that sell skin and hair care products and sunscreens with making false “all natural” or “100% natural claims.” The FTC has entered into consent agreements with four companies and has issued an administrative complaint against a fifth for making such claims. These proceedings, as well as FTC statements in a corresponding press release and blog post, indicate that the FTC considers “all natural” or “100% natural” claims to be false or misleading when a product contains any artificial ingredients or chemicals. These enforcement proceedings are noteworthy because the FTC’s jurisdiction extends to all products, including food and beverages, and they may signal an uptick in enforcement against products that falsely claim to be all or 100 percent natural.

FTC Takes Action Against All Natural and 100% Natural Claims